"How to run a dribbling
practice for youth
soccer players"

Warm up with dribbling basics...

The players will start with dribbling basics in this dribbling practice. Obviously, you have to put your soccer practice together based on the age group and the ability level you are coaching.

  • Inside foot touches or foundation touches.
  • Outside foot touches - figure eights - the players dribbles a figure eight
  • Sole - toe touches on the ball.
  • Laces - quick little speed dribbles.

These little dribbling skills are a great warm up for the kids - the coach can concentrate on just one of these skills or all four depending what he or she is doing in the training session.

Get more information on how to break down dribbling basics?

Challenge the players with combinations...

The coach will now have the kids combine the moves in little combinations. Probably better for more advanced kids! When the kids get the basic dribbling moves down and add some more foot work it will challenge them to get better.

Combination #1

  • Foundation touches (1 min)
  • Toe taps - sole of the foot (1 min)
  • Combination 3-4 foundation touches/3-4 toe taps (1 min)

Combination #2

  • Laces - small touches - 1 min
  • Outside of the foot - practice turning - 1 min
  • Combination - 3-4 Laces touches/ turn outside of the foot

These are just a few examples, but the coach can put endless combinations together and add these moves to the practice or just take one move and get the kids to master that move.

Once the kids have basic dribbling down move into teaching 1 on 1 soccer moves.

Have the kids mastered the basics?

Are your kids past the basics and need new challenges? Challenge the kids with basic moves like the...

These are just a few moves and turns that players can work on in a dribbling practice. Teach the players how to approach a defender with a 1 on 1 soccer move .

What do kids love? Fun games!

The coach can add in fun dribbling games depending on the age of the player. Here are some games that are age appropriate for little guys.

These small sided games all contain many opportunities and chances for players to dribble the soccer ball.

Add small sided fun games

Small sided games help young players develop in the following ways...

  • Lots of touches on the soccer ball - dribbling.
  • Decision making - when the players receive the soccer ball they must make decisions to either dribble or pass the soccer ball.
  • Goal scoring opportunities i.e. more shots on goal.

This gives young players a great chance to practice their dribbling skills in dribbling practice. What games can we use to enhance soccer dribbling?

1 on 1 soccer

The player go into pairs with a cone...

  • Player "A" plays 1 on 1 soccer against player "B".
  • The players with the soccer ball tries to peg the cone with the pass, but if player "A" loses the ball then player "B" can attack and player "A" defends.
  • The games should last 1 - 2 minutes - good for fitness.

Encourage the players to try and use the fast foot work and moves they have worked on. The coach can play a small tournament and the kids will have a blast.

2 on 2 soccer game

The players now set up a goal 5-8 yards apart...

  • Team "A" plays 2 on 2 against team "B".
  • The players have to score by dribbling the ball through the cone goal.
  • When the players score they can continue to play from the other side, Ala Non stop soccer.
  • The game last for 1-2 min depending on age and fitness.

Encourage the players to dribble and go at the defenders.

4 on 4 soccer game

The players are now going to two goals and play 4 on 4 soccer. The players can play a variation of games like the line games or small sided games.

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