"How to set up a good corner
kick for kid soccer players"

The corner kick can be a real weapon for younger teams or a non factor. I would much rather have to defend a corner than take a goal kick at the very younger ages, but now we have gone to smaller sided games so it is a bit easier to organize. Coaching teams that are just starting to learn how to play the game, but possess very little skill, will struggle with restarts if they cannot strike, pass or dribble the soccer ball.

Skills for corners

The skills that young players need to take a corner are...

Passing the soccer ball with accuracy. Good dribbling skills to beat players and get into space. Striking the soccer ball to get the soccer ball into the box or shoot on goal. These basic skills will help kid soccer players set up effective corners and play attacking soccer.

How to set up corners

The corner occurs when the defending team knocks the ball over their own end line - line the goal is on - the attacking team wins a corner.

 A player from the attacking team takes the ball to the corner to set up the restart. There are several ways the players can get the ball back into play...

  • Short corner: Passing the ball into play.
  • Longer corner: Striking the ball into the goal box for a player to shoot, head or volley home.

The coach just has to pick which option will work for the team based on age or skill level.

Short corner

The short corner can be deployed at any age group U6 - U12.

How to teach the basic short corner in soccer...

When the attacking teams wins a corner - the forward goes and gets the soccer ball. A second player will go with the forward to set up a short corner. The second player can be a midfielder or the other forward.

  • Player "A" sets the ball down on the corner spot and player "B" stands next to player "A" facing the other teams goal.
  • Player "A" passes the soccer ball to player "B" and overlaps player "B".
  • Player "B" has two options with the soccer ball.
  • Dribble the soccer ball towards the opponents goal if the defenders have not stepped up.
  • If a defender has stepped up pass the ball to player "A" on the overlap.
  • Once the player "A" or "B" has the soccer ball in a position to dribble the player should head straight for goal and either shoot or play the ball back across the goal for another attacking player to shoot.

The corner can be a real weapon in the game of soccer. It will help in getting the team some soccer goals, which can really build some confidence.

Longer corner

This corner is better for kids that can head, volley or really strike the soccer ball.

So how does it work?

  • The player who takes the corner serves the soccer ball into the box with a driven or a chipped ball.
  • The rest of the team are set up at the top of the box on prearranged runs.
  • The runs covering the near post, far post and center of the goal and a player at the top of the box for any garbage balls.
  • The idea here is to cover every area of the goal so if the ball goes near post a player is thereto shoot.
  • If the ball goes through the area a player is on back post to make sure the soccer ball does not go all the way through the goal box and out the other side.

Small sided games and corners

So how do we teach the corner kick in small sided games?

  • The coach will teach the corner kick that he or she wants the kids to use.
  • The kids will play a small sided game.
  • Every time a team wins a corner the players use the corners that has been rehearsed.

Coaching point: The player must read the game when it comes to corners. If the defenders step up or lay off the players must act accordingly.

There are few good ideas for the kids and effective corner kicks for the coach to employ.

Happy Coaching!

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