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soccer practice and games"

Using concentration games is a little bit of what I call soccer psychology. My job is to help kids with structure, concentration and having fun.

When the players are focused we can get a lot done and have fun at the same time.

Kids must learn what structure is and where the boundaries are...believe it or not, the kids like structure because they will learn where they stand with the soccer coach.

Start with...

  • Making soccer fun.
  • Getting players back from breaks.
  • Soccer concentration games to get the kids to focus - laser like!
  • Liven things up between soccer exercises.
  • Getting the players attention if the players are not listening.
  • Starting small sided games.

A coach can add these soccer games into soccer practice plans and have them ready for soccer practice in the following four ways...

Add funky exercises to soccer practice

The clapping game

A great soccer concentration game...

  • The coach gathers the players in front of him or her getting them in a ready position - meaning hands up and ready to clap.
  • When the coach claps the players clap as well.
  • When the coach fakes the clap and any players clap they must sit down.
  • When a player is last to clap they must sit down.
  • The player left standing wins the game.

This game can also be used at the end of practice to lighten the mood and send the players home having had fun.

Variation: The players have to do a funky exercise and get to join the game again or they have to run around the nearest goal before they sit down.

Be creative and come up with your own version!!

Star jumps are fun

Great for getting kids to pay attention...

  • The player does a jumping jack while saying "I am a star".
  • During soccer practice I use star jumps as a forfeit for winning and losing a fun game - this keeps it light and fun.

The kids will change this up and use other names - have fun with it!!
Australian push ups

I get funny looks on this one - think it's the down under thing?

  • The player lies on his or her back.
  • The player raises their arms up and down like they are raising the roof.
  • Reverse the push ups like they are down under - get it?

A great funky game when kids get bored with star jumps.

Frog jumps

Make them jump really high...

  • Have the player jumps up and down like a frog.
  • The player yells "ribbet" while they are jumping.
  • Choose another player to demo the jump if the first player does not yell loudly enough.

It is really funny watching the kids jumping up and down yelling "ribbet."

Donkey kicks

Points for the highest kick...

  • Have the player get down on their hands and kick their feet out like a donkey kicking someone.
  • Makes a donkey noise (hee-haw).
  • I generally will have them perform 3 or 4 kicks.

Got nothing for you on this one...video coming out later! :)

Starting small sided games

  • Two players sit back to back with a ball between them.
  • The coach says go and the players jump up to see who can win the soccer ball first.

The players love this

Are the kids talking when you are talking?

Pet peeves...

  • The easiest way to deal with this situation is just be quiet and stare at them.
  • The kids that are being quiet and listening will tell the other kids who are not paying attention to listen.
  • You can then ask "is everyone ready to listen?"

This will get their attention very quickly!! Works like a charm!

Kids playing in the water breaks?

Lots of soccer coaches send players on a "walk about" during a water break providing their players with 5-10 minute break.

Play the water break game...

  • One minute to get there and get a drink.
  • Coach says to the players "I will call you back".
  • This always turns into a game - the players have a drink and are ready to go.
  • Coach says "GO" and the players sprint in, and the last one in has to do star jumps.

Variation: Let them get a drink and say "last one in does fifty push ups" or first one in does fifty, just to mess with them and see who is paying attention. You always get the kid who likes push ups and wants to show you. :)

Coaching point:

Keep the water bottles close to the session so the players have easy access to their water.

Master of the ball

Get ready for the laughs...

  • The players face each other and lean forward with ball on the ground between them.
  • The soccer coach calls out a body part like knees, toes, back or head and the players have to touch the body part with both hands.
  • ´╗┐At the soccer coaches discretion he or she will say "GO" and the players will try to grab the soccer ball.
  • The soccer player who is successful wins a point.

 The kids love these soccer concentration games!!

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