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Coaching education is an ever expanding topic. There are many philosophies and ideas about how the game are taught and played.

How do you go about defining a philosophy that works for you?

The younger players will learn with more of an emphasis on technique and small sided tactics. The order will flip flop as the kids get older with more emphasis on fitness and larger sided tactics.

I have found that coaches who are open to ideas, learning from other soccer coaches, take additional soccer courses and watch soccer teams play can take these ideas and apply them to their soccer philosophy or style of soccer they like to play.

Never played the game? If you have not played soccer before and are considering coaching you might consider visiting an experienced coach, or having them come out to your soccer practice and give you some advice on setting up and running a practice.

Better yet, have the coach run a soccer practice and watch and learn. There are usually many coaches in the area that you live in...just contact your local select club.

If you are in the Round Rock or Austin area feel free to give me a buzz if you need a demo or some ideas on coaching plans or soccer practices. You can find me at Coaching Kids Soccer.

How to use local and state associations

Find your local associations and you should be able to get all the coaching information you need for youth coaching courses. Most associations offer youth modules for specific age groups U6 - U12. These modules will give you a better understanding of the age group you are coaching.

Local league, club or association

The city of Austin soccer is governed by City Austin Youth Soccer Association.

State associations of South and North Texas 

The state is too big to have one association so South Texas Youth Soccer and North Texas Youth Soccer are split into two separate associations.

Region III

Region Three Youth Soccer represents the southern part of the US. This includes the states from Texas to Florida.

US National Associations

There are many resources that soccer coaches can turn to for coaching.

I have learned a lot from attending all the state and national courses like the National Youth License courses through the or US Soccer. There is nothing like getting hands on direction and feedback from the coaches running these sessions.

National Soccer Coaches Association of America

The NSCAA is a separate coaching organization that offers some really good courses on youth soccer. They have a very informative website. I love attending the conventions that they put on - fun trips!!

Learning about new soccer topics and sharing ideas is a really enjoyable part of the game.

Additional Coaching Education

I like to have access to coaching sessions and the latest information on coaching youth players and teams. Another way to learn about different coaching education is to study DVD's, and books. Here are a few of my favorite places to go to get additional coaching education.

Coaching Kids Sports

Learn from Doug Locke of Coaching Kids Sports for a great perspective on not just soccer coaching but coaching kids sports - very informative!

Coerver Coaching

I got my first set of Coerver VCR tapes back in the 90's and put those tapes to good use. I love Coerver First Skills for the technical side of the game...you will find many ways to teach basic foot work, 1 on 1 moves to enhance attacking skills. I have been able to combine some of the technical skills and fun games to enhance your soccer sessions.

World Class Coaching

Is a great publication and coaching resource - Go to books and look under coaching young players to find books for coaching younger players. You can also join their email list and get updates every week at World Class Coaching.

I will continue to update you with more youth coaching articles as I discover more resources.

How do we as coaches get kids enjoying soccer practice?

Fire away! I get questions in my club ranging from how to coach from the sideline, how to add the fun into the game or how to teach a specific skill? please submit your questions below.

I do reserve the right to approve all submissions before posting to My favorite kids practice.

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