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Chipping the soccer ball

Chipping the ball can be a very useful skill for young players to learn. There is nothing like seeing a well hit ball from a chip land on the foot of a teammate or using it to beat a goalkeeper. This skill should probably be taught to a more advanced player like a U10 or U12 Academy player.

Here is a good demo on how to chip the soccer ball.

What is the difference between striking the soccer ball and chipping the soccer ball? The difference is the chip requires the kid to get their foot underneath the ball so the ball is floated instead of driven like a shot.

Advantages of the chip

What are the advantages of the chip?

  • The player can float balls over players if there is not a pass the player can make, an example might be a midfield player chipping the ball into the striker.
  • Hit good ball from corners, goalkicks and freekicks.
  • Chip the ball over the goalkeeper if there is no shot.
  • Corner kicks can be balls that are chipped into the box.
  • Goal kicks can be chipped balls.
  • Changing the point of attack.

The chip is a skill that is not difficult to teach, but should be taught when the players have developed a good level of skill.

How to chip the soccer ball

What coaching points do we use for the chip?

  • The player must get the plant foot down next to the ball.
  • The plant foot should not be right next to the ball but a step beside the ball - maybe a half yard of space - this opens up the hips so the player can follow through and strike the ball.
  • The kicking foot should have the toe pointed down at an angle but not straight down as if the player were going to strike the ball.
  • The ankle must be locked and come slightly under the ball so the ball will get some flight.
  • Very little follow through is needed...in fact the more you can get the foot under the ball with no follow through the better.
  • Lean back and the ball will rise.

The players now have the basics of the chip down they have added another weapon to their skills.

Play a chipping game

Paint a picture first with a demo, then...

  • Get the kids in pairs about 5-8 yards apart.
  • The player "A" with the ball rolls a nice easy ball to player "B" doing the exercise.
  • Player "B" chips the ball back to the hands of player "A".
  • Very important that the players get the plant foot down to get set, then the player brings the striking foot down and and slightly under the ball like a wedge for all you golfers out there who have hacked up a divot.

The coach needs to exercise some patience. If the kids do not get the wedge part have them do that without the ball so they get the feel for bringing the foot down under the ball. Just like a wedge in golf!

Watch the pros do it!

Enjoy your coaching!


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