"Why is it important to introduce
the chest trap to young players"

What is the key to getting young players to use the chest trap to bring the soccer ball out of the air?

Check out this example of good chest control!!

This an easier skill to learn because the players have a bigger surface to bring the soccer ball down on...they just have to get the feel for the skill so their ball control improves.

The key to the trap is to...

  • Get up on your toes.
  • Get your arms out for balance.
  • Lean slightly back and absorb the the soccer ball.
  • The player can pop the soccer ball up slightly to give himself or herself time to take a touch or volley the soccer ball.

The key to the trap is not to let the soccer ball bounce away, but settle the ball at the players feet so they can trap or volley the soccer ball.

Chest trap practice

U6 players - an easy way to introduce the trap...

  • Each player will get their own individual soccer ball.
  • The players throw the soccer ball up to themselves.
  • The player then traps and catches the soccer ball.
  • Repeat the exercise 20- 30 times so the kids get the feel for the skill.

Coaching point: Some kids will keep their hands close to the ball, so it just looks like they are trapping the ball against their chest with their hands. 

The coach should encourage the players to get their hands out and pop the soccer ball up so that the coach can see the players are using the chest and not trapping the soccer ball with their hands against the chest.

After the player has done 4-5 reps the coach can decide who is doing well and have that player demonstrate the trap. Having players demonstrate is a huge confidence builder for the kids, if they are selected.

The key is to get the player...

  • Up on their toes.
  • Arms out for balance.
  • Use the big surface on the chest and don't trap the soccer ball with the hands.
  • Pop the soccer ball up so the player has time to make the next move.

This is an easy way to introduce the trap at soccer practice for the younger player. I will generally throw this skill in when we are working on juggling or introducing thigh traps.

U8 - U10 players

The players should have the basic trap down by this time, but if they do not the coach can go back and introduce the trap with the player just throwing the ball to him or herself.

Here is an exercise for more advanced players, which coaches can add to their soccer practice plans.

  • The players are paired up.
  • The player should be 3-5 yards from each other.
  • Player "A" serves an underhanded ball with his or her hands.
  • Player "B" practices the chest trap and passes or volleys the ball back to the server.

Coaching point: The player trapping the soccer ball should pop the ball up so they have time to trap the soccer ball with the foot and play the ball back to the server with a good pass.

Circle exercise

Equipment: Cones, scrimmage vests and soccer balls.

Game: The coach forms a circle with the cones and puts half the players inside the circle and half the players outside of the circle with a soccer ball.

  • The Players in the middle run and find an open player on the outside of the circle.
  • Players on the outside serve the soccer ball from their hands with and underhand throw.
  • The player in the middle traps the ball using the chest then brings the ball down to the ground using the sole of the foot or laces and passes the ball back to the server.
  • The player moves off to find another server.

The beauty about this game is the coach can add different skills to the game like passing, volleys, thigh control or even turning and dribbling.

Watch the pros do it...




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