"How kids can use backyard soccer

to enhance their soccer skills"

Coaches, how to we get kids to embrace backyard soccer?

A coach can do a lot to help motivate players to practice on their own. Here are a few ways to help kids become more motivated by starting with your own practices.

  • Run dynamic, fun soccer practices.
  • Teach the kids skills inside the practices.
  • Provide little challenges to help the kids master skills like juggling, passing, dribbling and shooting.
  • Show them how to self train through fun games like the cross bar game.
  • Homework is a great way to improve soccer skills. The coach can give homework to the players, so they can work on their skills in the back yard.

How do kid soccer players use backyard soccer to become better soccer players?

There are a myriad of ways players can use the back yard to become a better soccer player.

The backyard can be turned into a virtual training ground for youth soccer. The kids can work on small sided and fun games like soccer tennis.

These little games and skills add tons of touches to help players improve. To really master the game of soccer the players have to practice more than just once or twice a week with their team.

These skills and challenges will really bring about the passion for the game...

The key is that kids should want to go out and play and practice in the backyard not be forced to do it!

Soccer skills

Where do we begin?

The soccer skills that kids need to master are...

Dribbling basics

The player should work on mastering all four parts of the foot to dribble the soccer ball. Once the players can do this they can move onto adding soccer moves.

Dribbling moves

The kids should learn and master moves like cuts, step overs, scissors, v-moves and lunge moves


How to pass with the inside of the foot and make an accurate pass.


How to learn how to juggle the soccer ball to improve touch, balance and concentration.


How to strike the ball with the inside of the foot and score goals. All these soccer skills can be mastered and honed in the backyard using a small patch of grass, small goal or wall in the back yard.

Get more tips on how to use the wall below.

Wall soccer

A good wall is a great training partner for kid soccer players.

Players that have access to a good wall can turn into a great way to train and become better with the soccer ball. If they don't have access to the backyard wall they can go to the local park and play.

  • Passing
  • Passing and turning off the wall.
  • Dribbling and shooting off the wall.
  • First touch - trapping the soccer ball off the wall.
  • Volleys - inside of the foot, laces.

The players can play of balls off the wall to get lots of repetition - great way to master their soccer skills.


Basic juggling can improve...

  • Touch
  • Balance
  • Concentration

There are many ways that players can practice juggling in the back yard.

Coaching tip: An example of how to practice juggling in the backyard is seeing how many juggles the players can do without the ball hitting the ground.


Shooting is a vital part of backyard soccer - there are many moving parts to learning how to strike the soccer ball.

  • Approach
  • Plant Foot
  • The Instep
  • Follow Through

Shooting can be developed by having the young player shoot on goal or against a wall. The players will develop other aspects of their game when they have to control the soccer ball off the wall and shoot again.

Once again there are many exercises that players can use to improve shooting.

  • Shot off the dribble.
  • Dead ball - ball not moving.
  • Pass off the wall and shoot.

The next area where players can develop their skill is...

Small sided games

The players can develop their game with backyard soccer by playing 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3 to goal or to the wall.

One or two goals can present lots of opportunities to play small sided games. This helps take all the skills the kids have learned, so they learn how to play under pressure.

1v1 soccer

Small sided games

1v1 is the best game kids can play to develop their skills because they will be working on different aspects of the game like attacking and using 1v1 dribbling and defending 1v1 moves.

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