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The back heel pass can be very creative and effective in the game of soccer once the players have the skill down. There are several ways that players can use the heel or sole to pass the soccer ball; the player can use the heel to play the player running through or behind him or her, the player can roll the soccer ball back with the sole of the foot.

A good heel pass can open up a defense or get a player free or just get the player with the soccer ball out of trouble.

If a player is feeling very confident, a good heel pass can even be used to score a goal.

So how do we as coaches teach and encourage a skill like this to pass in a practice or a game?

Check out this video on how to use the pass.

Teaching the back heel pass

The back heel pass is fairly simple to teach kids, but they must have basic dribbling skills to learn this move . There are two ways a player can use the pass as we stated earlier...

  1. Use the heel to knock the ball behind the to the player making the run.
  2. Use the sole of the foot to role the soccer ball back.

The main technique, which is a true heel pass calls for the player to...

  1. Step with the left foot (right side of the soccer ball)
  2. Take the right foot and use the heel to hit the soccer ball - the right foot will go across the left foot.
  3. Knees should be slightly bent and back to the player receiving the soccer ball.

Obviously, you can start with the right foot and and back heel with the left foot.

The sole roll  is a variation of the pass.

  1. The attacking player puts the right foot on the soccer ball.
  2. The player rolls the ball with the sole backward/behind him or her to the player running into the space or behind him or her.

That is a quick explanation of how to use a couple of passes. So, how do we teach the heel pass? The skill level of the players should be fairly advanced dribbling and touch wise. If you try to teach this move to players that cannot dribble then you are going to have issues.

Game: The easiest way to teach the pass is have two players working together.

  1. One player dribbles the soccer ball while the other player is running towards the player with the soccer ball.
  2. The attacking player with the ball heels the ball when the team mate has run passed or is behind the attacking player.

Now the players would repeat the skill going the other way...

Variation: The players can roll the ball with the sole of the foot to the player running in behind.

L - move pass: The player can use an L move to pass the soccer ball - the player pulls the soccer ball back with the sole of the right foot and touches the soccer ball behind the standing leg with the inside of the right foot.

Fun game with a heel pass

Back heel shooting game

Grid: 18 yard box

Equipment: Cone, pennies

Two cones placed at the edge of the D and one outside the box to form a triangle.

Attacking player A dribbles the ball across from one cone to the next. As the player nears the 2nd cone he or she heels to attacking player B running in from the 18 yard box who then shoots.

Great game for some skill and creativity and lots of shooting.

Variation: Can go 1v1 with the goalkeeper

Game: The coach can set up a 3v3, 4v4 or 5v5 game depending on the age and numbers of players.

The players get a point every time they use a back heel or sole roll pass to connect with a player on their team. If they score a goal with a heel pass they get 2 point or a the coaches choice.

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