"About Sitebuildit"

"Why and how I built a soccer site?"

I was looking for a way to share my passion, ideas and coaching philosophy on youth soccer. I was also looking for a way to supplement my coaching income.

I have visited many soccer sites out there, picking up some good information on coaching topics. The sites I had visited were created by a tech savvy designer, or it was created for the big boys who had the money to hire the best.

I was searching to see if there was someone out there who could help a coach get his ideas and philosophies across on the web, without being charged a fortune. I also wanted to have control over the content and ideas.

After all, what's the point if I can't share my ideas and make some extra money. I wanted to express my passion for the game I have been playing and coaching all my life...the beautiful game!

I found Kevin Bidwell at All-In-One-Business.com on the web. Kevin helps people build web sites, so I went with him for a minimal fee. I received an e-book and support on how to build a site.

Kevin did some key word searches on my topic and came back with favorable results. He also mentioned that I should check out SBI if I had no experience building a site, which would cut down the learning curve and save time and money, which is a good thing, right?

After reading the e-book I realized what it was going to take - ouch! So I checked out SBI to see if that would be a viable option. So what does SBI stand for?

Site Build It!

I was very impressed with the initial investment, support and the fact that I would control the content. SBI also hit on another important factor - getting into the search engines that would bring traffic to my website.

I learned no traffic no site - there are many sites out there that just sit there without any traffic flowing to the site - made sense to me! But, first we had to build content!

You see if people have nothing but a sales site and no content that does not help either, in fact you are dead in the water!

So, I took the plunge...and I still had my man Kevin for back up and advice.

"How does SBI work?"

SBI is a unique process...you provide the ideas and motivation and SBI provides the process. They call it the C-T-P-M process, which stands for Content - Traffic - PreSell - Monetize. This is the process you will follow as you build your site.

The SBI process will help you with the Site Build It Action Guide. The Action Guide will teach you how to take your passion and find out of it is profitable, get key words, write content, set up the sites look and feel and a myriad of other web building strategies.

Just follow a long in the Action guide! If you are already tech savvy you can upload your own HTML and build your site the way you want it...SBI is not just for beginners.

As a not so savvy computer guy I have learned so much about web sites in the last year or so - amazing - who would have thunk it!

SBI will provide the tools and get you ranked with the search engines, you just have to provide the brains and motivation - they call it BAM at SBI - PRETTY COOL STUFF.

"How long does the process take?

Well, that depends upon you!! Do you have a passion or hobby that you want to share, in that case, you can get going relatively quickly.


If you don't know what you want to write about then you will need to do some research through the Site Build It initial process to figure out what will work for you.

Everybody has something that they have a passion or a love for - follow your passion! SBI has folks that have built sites from every conceivable topic like travel, sports and business.

"Getting started"

"Most people don't recognize opportunity
because it is dressed in overalls and looks
like work"

I was ready to get to work, so I just had to plug in and find key words and a niche in the soccer world, which was helping coaches that are coaching kids from U6 - U12.

I had tons of experience in this area so it was just a matter of getting my thoughts on paper, so to speak!

"I must do today what others won't so I
can have tomorrow what others won't"

I was working full time as a coach which afforded me some time during the day to write 2-3 pages a week, sometimes more!

I knocked it out and stayed on it. I kept following the Action Guide and making adjustments as I went along.

If I did not understand something I went to the forums which SBI users can access to get help - thanks guys!

Building a website is building a business so it takes some time, faith, commitment and energy...I stuck with the process and have been quite satisfied with the results.

"My results"

2011 - Amazing, I have just completed my first year in Solo Build It and I am probably averaging 2500 - 3000 unique visitors a month which means traffic.

I have been making an extra $500 a month off the private soccer lessons, ads and other affiliate business that I have set up with Coaching Kids Soccer.

$500 pays my fees and is helping me build my private soccer training business. what could you do with an extra $6000.00 a year? An extra house payment, vacation for the kids or a retirement fund.

2012 - I am back with the results from 2012. The site continued to grow and we averaged 6356 unique visitors a month when all is said and done - the system works! Traffic is flowing and $ have begun to roll in...

My private soccer training business has grown - we are now pulling in a $1000 a month plus Adsense and affiliate business, which kicked in with $1000.00 for the year. Not to shabby for a side business...

2013-2015 - The business has really grown - we know have a healthy amount of unique visitors. We are hitting between 15-30 thousand unique visitors and the private training business has grown. 

So, there is nothing more to discuss jump in and get your Solo Build It business going by clicking here!

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