"My transition from player to coach"

"Developing a passion for soccer"

My name is Chris Brown and I call Austin, Texas home. The best part of Texas in my opinion is Central Texas and the Hill Country. I currently coach youth soccer for the Georgetown Force here in Austin, Texas. We are a small community club which I like a lot...has a family feel to the club.

I became fascinated with the game of soccer when I was growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. I developed my passion for the game in South Africa. We would go and play in the park on Saturday mornings with all the kids and dads from the neighborhood - we called it Saturday morning soccer practice and it was the highlight of the day.

After the games the dads would sit us down and encourage us to watch the pro games on television in the afternoon.

The English Division 1 league games were shown on TV. So, I would find myself glued to the television on Saturday afternoons watching the likes of Man United. If I left anyone out? Please forgive me! :)

We also had some teams of our own in South Africa, like the Kaiser Chiefs, Morocco Swallows, and Durban Dynamo at the time.

After watching games I would go outside again and see if I could replicate what I had seen on television.

As far back as I can remember, I had a soccer ball that I would kick against the house, in the yard, on the street or anywhere else I could find to play. I played for my school boys teams and began to develop a real love for the game.

"Coming to America"

In the 1980's my mom and I packed up and left South Africa to come to the United States, specifically Dallas, Texas. I remember being very worried that there would be very little soccer in Dallas, and that would be the end of soccer playing for me.

I would be playing an American game, like football, or basketball, but it turns out that I was mistaken. The game was thriving at the youth level in Dallas, and I joined a club and kept playing soccer. I played with Solar Soccer Club and The Comets Soccer Club.

I was fortunate to play under some excellent coaches. Dallas had a pro franchise under the old National American Soccer League (NASL); in the 1970's. The players and coaches went out into the Dallas community, and spread the message about soccer.

There was the North Texas Youth Soccer Association (NTYSA), which ran and still runs youth soccer in North Texas. Texas is so big they have to split North and South Texas in half and run them as separate associations.

The only thing I missed, was not having soccer broadcast on regular television. So, thank god for the Spanish channel, and Soccer Made In Germany (PBS); which was on Sundays sandwiched in between Dallas Cowboy games. I am sure someone out there can relate! This has changed with cable - players can watch leagues all over the world.

We also had a good soccer environment to grow in. We had several indoor soccer facilities, The Dallas Cup (a huge international youth tournament); which allowed us to watch youth teams from all over the world play.

The beauty of playing soccer in Texas allows kids to see that there are many different styles of play. There a nice mix of the European style and the Latin style all represented in Texas.

"Moving to Austin, Texas"

I eventually landed in Austin, Texas. I have made Austin my home. I played my last few years of youth soccer in Austin for the Capital Soccer Club. Austin was not the soccer town that Dallas was back then...they did have youth leagues but we supplemented our play by playing in the man's league.

The University of Texas had tons of foreign students, so that would make for some good pick up games. There were a lot of ex-pats who had formed teams in the Man's league, and they were also coaching youth teams so the level was improving.

"Dreams and aspirations'

I always had a dream to play on the next level, but there was no level here at that time unless you were a very good college player or national team player. I played in the D3 league for the Austin Thunder which was a fun team because we got to travel around the state of Texas and play games. The rest of my playing career was spent in the Austin man's league.

Major League Soccer was just in it's infancy and players were just starting to get an opportunity to play, or you had to be willing to travel across the pond, or head for Mexico.

I had friends who played in Europe in the lower leagues where they played for a little while and came home. I love the fact that our young players have that opportunity today.

"Learning how to coach"

I started coaching youth soccer in Austin. It was somewhat by accident that I got into coaching. I was looking for some extra cash and I just happened to stop in at the local soccer store to ask if anyone needed a part time coach.

I was in my mid twenties, and still kicking the ball around with some local man's teams. I was still a player and had not made the transition to coaching.

My first adventure into coaching was in a town just north of Austin called Georgetown. I had started coaching a girls team, and realized very quickly that coaching was really fun but, some additional effort would be required on my part to get better as a coach.

I understood the game and how to teach technique, but needed to refine my communication skills and teaching methods to get my message across more clearly.

My first time out was very much a learning experience. I found coaching to be a bigger rush than playing, because when the kids caught on it was something special. I had the bug, so I began to pursue opportunities with clubs in town and get licensed.

...They began to call me coach

You know you have become a coach when you don't play in the soccer practices with the kids anymore. My coaching career has spanned over 15 years in Austin, and attained a USSF "B" license and a National Youth license through the United States Soccer Federation.

I recommend that all aspiring coaches get license even if you are just working with a specific age group. The benefits of these recommendations are as follows:

  • Improve your teaching method.
  • Learn about kids psychology and motor skills.
  • Learn more ways of teaching different topics.
  • Meet other coaches and network.

My first real job coaching in Austin, was to coach at a small girls club, The Eagles Soccer Club which it set the tone for my coaching. I was able to coach a myriad of ages and teams. The only way you really learn is by getting into the trenches, and getting your hands dirty. It was magic being on the soccer fields coaching 3-5 days a week. 

Austin eventually had a huge merger of smaller clubs into one big club called Lonestar Soccer Club. I spent five years directing the girl's Academy and coaching select teams. I moved onto a smaller community club on the out skirts of Austin - GSA Force and began to build my own private soccer training business.

I have been fortunate to watch the game grow here in Texas. I was fortunate to see some of the 1994 World Cup matches in Dallas, Texas. Argentina vs Bulgaria, and then Brazil vs Holland in the quarter finals. I was sandwiched in among a samba band.

"Building skills"

I really enjoy working with young players from the ages of 6-12 years old as theses kids are like sponges. A coach has a great opportunity to really build a great foundation when working with younger kids.

There are many people out there who have kids coming into the game. Some of these parents have never played soccer so they need a reference, a place to learn about the game of soccer.

I have also met some parents who were very good players in their day. This is the reason I created Coaching Kids Soccer. We must continue to educate young players and coaches so they develop a passion and love for the game and pass it on...

I have always enjoyed sharing ideas, and learning from other coaches. I have also spent a lot of time researching on-line, looking for ideas to help generate and learn more about the game. I was looking to build a web site to promote some private training I do on the side, but I am not good with computers.

I could send emails but even that was a struggle - just kidding. I also did not want to pay thousands of dollars for a web master to design a site I had no control over. I was introduced to SBI (Site Build It) from a web master who uses SBI very successfully.

What I learned about SBI?

SBI helps promote a hobby, passion or business you can do it with the tools and techniques that SBI provides. Lots of people have created their own sites through SBI, check out this brief video to explain how SBI works!

Do you have a passion, hobby or
business to promote??

Maybe you are not a full time coach or player, but would like to have an opportunity to create your own business and have more freedom of time and money.

You don't need any special computer knowledge, business degrees or special products to sell...just your brain, a work ethic and the willingness to learn. There are many people with varying backgrounds that have used SBI very successfully. Meet some of the folks that have built successful sites! There is a real network of folks using SBI that make for a great support system and resource.

"Most people don't recognize opportunity because it is dressed in overalls and
requires work"  Henry Ford...

I began my website in June of 2010 and the site began building traffic by following the Solo Build It script..I can't believe how quickly we were able to get this thing going! Was it that easy? No, it did require work and it is not a get rich quick scheme. In 2015 -2016 we have hit between 15 - 30 thousand unique visitors using the Solo Build It script. The beautiful thing is it is 100% money back guarantee if it does not work for you. Click here to get your Solo Build It package!

Want more info on Solo Build It...I have created another page to answer any further questions...

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