"Explore Soccer Innovations, and you'll quickly discover all your soccer coaching equipment

needs will be met."

"Soccer Innovations
provides quality soccer equipment options, this allows coaches
the ability to set up soccer practices
with ease
and assist with their
efforts in helping young
players to learn, develop
and enjoy soccer.


I am Chris Brown owner of Coaching Kids Soccer. If you are like me and my coaching colleagues, I have worked with over the years, we like having a resource for training equipment that we know we can trust to to provide basic equipment, training aids and fitness equipment.

This saves time having to search high and low online and in stores, which makes life much easier, wouldn't you Agree?

I have purchased many pieces of equipment online as well as from a physical store, but...

What does this mean for you and your coaching?

Soccer Innovations provides everything you need to run basic soccer practices. You'll find...

  • Disc cones
  • Vests
  • Soccer back packs with equipment

As well as...

  • Pumps
  • Training boards
  • Pug goals

They have the best balance of basic equipment and innovative soccer equipment that I have come across..

  • Rebounders
  • Goals
  • Self training balls
  • Fitness equipment

What's more...

Soccer Innovations has a dependable website which you will find very easy to navigate.

They provide 100% guarantees on 200 patented products that are very durable and easy to transport along with great customer service.

These products solve a myriad of issues at soccer practice like...

  • Limited space
  • No goals or nets
  • Mounted goals - spread apart
  • Flat soccer balls

As well as solving soccer practice issues you will find all the fitness equipment you need to get your kids in peak condition.

That's not all...

All your soccer equipment needs will be met without having to search endless websites online or in stores.

  • No hidden costs.
  • Not what you want? don't buy it.
  • Don't like the product return it within 7 days.
  • Pay for over $100 -  free shipping

Just check the Soccer Innovations website for all return policies.

So, who started Soccer Innovations?

Soccer Innovations was the brainchild of a coach looking to help local coaches with quality soccer equipment for...

Soccer Practice

All the soccer equipment and training aids are designed, manufactured and chosen by former soccer player and current coach, Jimmy Elder. Soccer Innovations has been open since 2005 helping coaches with their soccer equipment needs.

The equipment is designed and made to help coaches and  players providing everything a coach needs to run a good soccer practice.

They don't stop there...

You will find solutions to common issues that coaches face such as no goals to shoot on or nets on the goals, mounted goals that are too far apart to run a practice.

Best of all...

All the products have easy to learn how to videos. Soccer Innovations has guarantees on items so if it is not what you want return the item. Just check their return policy!

They have made it easy for you to...


Coaches, you will find quality soccer equipment with Soccer Innovations...

  • Basic soccer equipment
  • Training aids 
  • Game day coaching equipment

Along with an easy to navigate website to help you with what you need. Soccer Innovations will provide a myriad of products to solve soccer issues such as...

  • Limited field space
  • No goals or nets on goals
  • Mounted goals
  • Flat balls
  • Self training aids

Do you take pride in helping your players develop?

Soccer Innovations has all the answers with training aids that are specifically designed to help a players development as well as soccer fitness equipment for speed and agility

There are over 200 patented products which are 100% guaranteed with an easy online process designed to help you find the right soccer equipment to help you build soccer practices that your kids will love.

Just starting out coaching soccer? Get the...

Basic tools of the trade...

Soccer Innovations is unsurpassed when it comes to basic soccer equipment for any soccer practice along with training aids to help players develop and improve soccer skills.

You will find quality game day equipment to help you with warm up exercises. A good soccer bag with holders for pens, wallet and keys...

  • Disc cones
  • Vests
  • Pump

As well as being prepared for coaching tactics...

  • Training boards and magnets
  • Planners
  • Note pads

Keep it simple!

Dragging a lot of complicated coaching equipment to run basic soccer practices or set up game day exercises can be a real hassle to transport and set up. In short...

If you need to get more elaborate for a club or pro team Soccer Innovations can provide all the soccer equipment you or the club will need.

  • Goals
  • Coaches benches
  • Soccer mannequins
  • Pendulums

Coaching is teaching, motivating and helping young players...

Develop their skills...

Soccer Innovations has designed training aids that will help coaches develop players, make it fun to practice and help build a player's confidence.

The best coaches are focused on teaching kids the fundamentals and small sided tactics, wouldn't you agree?

Coaches can use these training aids to set up training on any grass park or training field.
Soccer Innovations provides videos on how to set up and use the training aids.

The training aids are designed to take the pounding the players will dish out in practice.

Each training aid can develop a different part of the players game whether you are talking about soccer tennis for air balls or using a rebounder to perfect passing and receiving or a J ball to work individual skills. Best of all...

The training aids can be...

  • Set up and taken down in minutes.
  • Each piece of equipment has it's own carry bag.
  • Easy to transport.

So, you are not wasting hours at the soccer field setting up and taking down.

What's more...

Players can use all these products at home for extra training.
These training aids were all designed by a coach for coaches in mind. The training aids help develop their players skills whether they are coaching seasoned pros or youth players of any age.

So, how does Soccer Innovations address...

Youth soccer fitness?

Soccer Innovations provides individual fitness equipment  or packages that will cover all your fitness practices.

You will be able to choose from..

  • Speed ladders
  • Hurdles
  • Rings
  • Poles
  • Parachutes

Depending on the age group or level you are coaching you can set up any soccer practice for an individual or a group of players.

Most importantly

You can combine soccer fitness training with your soccer practice or work on individual exercises to help your players develop a good soccer fitness base especially if you are limited with training time and space.

Speaking of space? Coaches can run into all sorts of issues at the...

Practice fields!

Soccer Innovations provides lots of quality equipment to help coaches solve a myriad of issues.

  • No goals,
  • Goals with no nets
  • Mounted goals
  • Sharing boundaries with teams
  • Flat soccer balls

Soccer Innovations can solve many situations with their innovative products like the J goal  for shooting practice or a field with no goals, no nets or mounted goals. Once you have sorted out the goal situation what soccer cones do you need for training?

You will find Soccer Innovations has a myriad of options for soccer cones.

  • Disc cones (large and small).
  • Standing cones
  • Mini soccer cones (turf)

Setting up exercises with your cones gives your players a real "picture" of what you want out of an exercise as a coach...even better news!

Straps and the Cone Rack are also available for coaches to store cones coaches! Are you tired of bending down to pick up cones?

You will find the Cone Rack from Soccer Innovations to be very useful in picking up and storing cones. Here's why...

The Cone Rack has a telescope handle that can be adjusted based on the cones that need to be picked up and stored. This prevents cones from flying away and allows for easy storage instead of using a strap or a bag.

In short...

This is a very affordable item saving you time and back ache not having to bend down and pick up cones. Storing the cones will become easier instead of using a strap or throwing the cones into a bag.

Now that training is completed let the fun begin with...

Game day...

The first item a coach will need for games day is a good back pack for carrying his or her equipment to games.

I know many coaches who keep a separate bag for games and one for training so the transition from practice to games is smooth, just pop the trunk and go, unless you have an equipment storage facility.

The basic items for game day coaching are...

  • Disc cones
  • Pump
  • Scrimmage vests
  • Coaching board

The coaches that I know really get great use out of soccer boards for team chats before the game and at half time. What's more...

The magnets work much better than a dry erase marker in my opinion. Soccer Innovations offers small and large magnets depending on your preference as a coach.

You have certain players that always work on their skill, practice hard and pay attention, a coaches dream right? How do you...

Reward these players?

Soccer Innovations Award balls are a fantastic, inexpensive way to reward and recognize your players.

You can put the name of the player, date and award - MVP, top goal scorer, or best defender on this size 2 ball and still have enough room for players and coach signatures. Most importantly...

Players love to be rewarded and recognized for their efforts by their peers.

This is a great way to encourage your players to practice outside of practice wouldn't you agree?

How do we get kids to practice outside of soccer practice? Teach them how to...

Self train!

Shooting is a players favorite activity. The J goal by Soccer Innovations is a very durable and portable goal that can fit onto any grass park or field. The J goal solves many issues for coaches like the obvious one, no goal or nets! It is easy for coaches to use, Here's why...

This durable goal is very easy to set up (2-3 min), doesn't take much time at all. The goal can be set to different sizes so players have to keep their shot low or shoot on a regular goal.

This goal can also be turned into a soccer tennis net, best of all...

Kids can absolutely unload when they are practicing any kind of ball striking exercises or shooting technique.

Once practice is complete the J goal comes down very quickly and is very easy to transport with its own bag!

Great for shooting exercises, scrimmages...So how do we encourage players to work on...


What is the best way to help a young player develop their passing and receiving? Play wall ball! Find a wall and have the player pass the soccer  ball off the wall. If you don't have a wall, look at this...

Sling Shot from Soccer Innovations!

This rebounder takes the place of a wall can go on any grass field and is very easy to set up and use. The rebounder can be used before, after and during practice or at home in the back yard a well.

The players can work on...

  • Passing and receiving
  • Turning and receiving
  • Playing give and goes and shooting

The rebounder can also be incorporated into any shooting practice. So, how do we help our players develop their technique for controlling the ball out of the air...

Soccer tennis!

You can go to a tennis court and play soccer tennis - great way to perfect controlling the soccer ball in the air.

Look at the soccer tennis net from Soccer Innovations, here's why...

This very affordable piece of equipment will goes a long way to helping players build skills. You will find playing soccer tennis really improves technique and decision making.

  • Setting up a tennis net is very simple!
  • The net can be set up next to any soccer practice or in the back yard.
  • The players can play soccer tennis when prior to practice or as reward towards the end of practice.

The net can be raised and lowered depending on what skill the players are working on at the time.

During a soccer tennis game players will work on juggling, volleys, headers, chest control, thigh control and decision making.

I don't have room for a soccer practice or tennis net? Look at the...

Training ball!

The J ball is very easy to use to improve technique and all you have to do is slip the straps on and you are set to practice.

The player can practice techniques like first touch, volleys (laces and inside), first touch out of the air with the (inside, laces and outside).

Most importantly...

The player will get thousands of touches with the the J ball as well as improving vision and balance or you can work with a partner and practice shielding. This is a fun way to practice your skills and is great for the back yard for that all important self training.

Use Soccer Innovations as your go to provider for quality, innovative...

Soccer Equipment!

There you have it! Soccer Innovations will provide quality soccer equipment that you need to set up soccer practices where kids will learn and enjoy the game.

You will have a multitude of choices to help you with your soccer practice and games or self training.

  • Disc cones
  • Vests
  • Soccer back packs with equipment

As well as...

  • Pumps
  • Training boards
  • Pug goal

These products solve a myriad of issues at soccer practice like...

  • Limited space
  • No goals or nets
  • Mounted goals 
  • Flat soccer ball

Best of all...

You will find soccer equipment to address your coaching without affecting your pocket book. You will not be disappointed...

  • 100% guarantee on 22 patented products.
  • Not satisfied with the product return it within 7 days.
  • If you purchase more than $100, shipping is free.

Start setting up practices that kids will love to attend or teaching players how to self train using Soccer Innovations as your soccer equipment guide. Don't delay...

Visit Soccer Innovations and buy now! Get all the soccer equipment you need to set up quality soccer practices for your players.

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