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About my Coerver history"

I have enjoyed learning about Coerver coaching and Wiel Coerver, one of the foremost youth soccer trainers in the world, who had developed the Coerver program. Wiel Coerver was very smart in the way he put his training program together.

Coerver studied the soccer techniques that pros use, and how they applied them to the game. Coaches can learn about Coerver coaching and how the program works to teach kids how the moves work, how to apply them to small sided soccer games and teach attacking soccer.

This system appealed to me especially as a young coach. I was looking for different ways to teach kids soccer skills which I had developed as a player and knew instinctively, but didn’t always know how to communicate effectively to the kids.

I had been playing for years under different coaches, but the training at that time consisted of skills, 5v2, possession games and shooting drills.

In learning about Coerver coaching it offered me some really good exercises that I wished had been available to me as a player. I can see the development the players get from these exercises.

An example might be how to get the kids to play attacking soccer and avoid dropping into a shell, so that they do not defend an entire game. Coerver techniques can help the coach on which games to use and which skills to teach to develop that comfort level on the ball to play attacking soccer.

I had some good coaches in my youth, but as a player I did not always pay attention to how we did all the exercises or learned a specific topic.

Most of the time, I learned to play soccer by just going out and playing the game, which is not a bad thing at all!

Coerver philosophy

I am a big fan of the Coerver series. I have used the programs since I began coaching kid’s soccer 20 years ago. I have had colleagues that have been part of the Coerver camps and they have raved about how much the kids benefit from the camps.

 In learning about Coerver coaching the program gave me some very good exercises to add to my coaching. New exercises that I could use to enhance my soccer practices and keep the kids motivated.

They have even added a goalkeeper series Coerver goalkeeping to the collection - very informative if you want to incorporate young goalkeepers into the soccer practices, which is a question I get all the time, "How do we train young goal keepers?"

The Coerver series will give coaches a foundation to teach the kids ball feeling - which helps kids develop a comfort level with the soccer ball. Ball feeling is basically getting the kids to feel comfortable with all four parts of the foot, laces, inside, outside and sole of the foot.

Once the players are more comfortable with the soccer ball they can start learning 1 on 1 moves, turns and how to shield the soccer ball. The program will also combine all the skills with small sided games and lots of goal scoring opportunities. The kids have to learn under the pressure of an opponent how to really build skills.

The program also teaches the kids how to control the soccer ball out of the air which I think is very important in the youth game. Kids that can get the soccer ball down on the ground quickly will be able to make the next decision - dribble or pass!

I have tried to incorporate Coerver into my own coaching and pick and choose what works well for me. Here are some exercises below that I have used with some success.

My favorite Coerver exercises

I still use exercises which I learned from those initial VCR tapes. Just think how time flies - I will go back and watch some of the tapes once in a while just to see of I can pick up something I missed as a young coach. The eye becomes a little sharper with time.

In Continuing to learn about Coerver coaching they have added some very good programs which still build on their philosophy of player development like the Play Great Soccer series.

One of the exercises that I use today teaches my kids how to cut the soccer ball, use step overs and v-moves. The kids zig zag through the cones practicing the moves. I generally have the kids work in a space on the moves and then add the cones.

The players go 2-3 times working on a specific moves like a cut - inside and outside of the foot, v-move, step over and turns with the inside of the foot and outside of the foot then combine all three moves as they move through the cones.

Coaching point: The coach can tell if the skill is at a high level when the kids can keep nice, tight control with good precise moves, not running into cones, and the ball is not getting away from the player.

The exercise below will help the players with turns.

I also enjoy the circle with the cone in the middle - the players jump onto a cone and dribble into the middle and practice a turn - coach’s choice or the player's choice.

Coaching point: The trick here is to get the players to use various turns without running into the other players who are also dribbling to the middle cone.

I always tell the players go 3/4 of the way and then turn. If the soccer balls are getting away or the players are dribbling into the other players, the skill level needs work.

These two exercises have made my teams and players that much better at cutting the soccer ball and using turns to protect the soccer ball in games.

Check out the video series Coerver Make your move and help your players get better at taking players on. Every team needs a player or two that can dribble and hold the ball.

Can you imagine if your whole team is that good with the soccer ball?

There is nothing like watching a kid just dribble through and beat players on their way to goal and finishing off the chance with a goal. Kids want and love chances to score goals.

Keep up with Coerver on Utube. They present some nice demos for players and coaches on ball feeling and 1 on 1 soccer moves.

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