"Coaching U6 soccer players"

The U6 soccer age group is probably one of the most fun age groups to coach as the kids are like sponges, soaking up everything you teach them regarding the game of soccer.

This is a great time to let the young soccer players experiment with the soccer ball and develop their soccer skills and small sided soccer tactics. The young soccer players are very impressionable, so a soccer coach has to make it fun with this soccer age group.

Coaching the U6 age group

The U6 players playing in this age group should learn...

  • Soccer skills
  • Learn when the soccer ball goes in and out of play.
  • Learn about fouls with emphasis on handling the ball - hand ball, dangerous play.

Fun soccer skills and small sided games are the order of the day for U6 soccer players. This way they learn to make decisions and become creative soccer players.

There are some good examples of soccer skills, soccer practices and small sided games below.

I love to set up little soccer environments where U6 players can develop skills, tactics and have fun...

Soccer skills

Kids are like sponges at this age. This is a great time to teach soccer technique!

  • Establishing fundamental motor skills.
  • Dribbling the soccer ball.
  • 1 on 1 soccer moves like v-move, step over or the scissors.
  • Basic traps like the sole of the foot and the instep.
  • Instep drive with either foot.
  • Kick in or throw-in - varies with individual league that the kids play in - some leagues play small sided with no restarts - Master of the ball.

The most important aspect of this age is the kids are having fun and getting lots of touches on the soccer ball with chances to play soccer. Check out some more examples of fun mini soccer games like Crabs and fishes or Red light green light, which kids go bonkers over.

The coach will have to judge the level of the players. An advanced player would get bored with some of these games but beginning players will eat these games up.

Check out this video on Crabs and Fishes - good demo!

Soccer Tactics

At the U6 age group the players must learn to dribble in the right direction - towards the opponents goal.

So, how do we teach this...

The easiest way to teach this concept is to play small sided games in soccer practice like 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3.

Check out this example of a 3v3 practice in this video below.

This is a great way to practice because the kids get to play soccer. The coach can put the kids in these small games which will encourage decision making. The young soccer players control the soccer ball to dribble, pass or shoot. Check out a fun soccer practice for U6 players.

Enjoy your soccer coaching!

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