"How to set up a fun
and challenging U6
soccer practice"

U6 soccer practice warm up...

I like to start soccer practice with coordination exercises. These exercises are individual games for the players at this age. These games get the kids focused and having fun as well as working on their coordination and motor skills.

  • I can do this what can you do? ALA National youth license!
  • Throw the ball up, clap once and catch.
  • Throw the ball up and clap twice and catch.
  • Roll a ball out for each player and they go and get it - no rules - bring it back any way they want.
  • Roll a ball out for each player and they go and get it - dribble it back make up some of your own games.

Show them a dribbling move and see if they can come up with one of their own. You will have the kids laughing and getting into the soccer practice. There are some great games for U6 soccer practices below.

Red light - green light

Have the players play the red light, green light game...

  • The players dribble around, when the coach says red light the players put their foot on the ball and stop the soccer ball.
  • The coach says green light the players take off and dribble the ball.
  • When the coach says orange light the players have to proceed at a slow pace looking around and making sure no one is coming.

Coaching points: The coach can vary the speed of the directions so the players have to play faster.

Play tractor trailer in a U6 soccer practice

The coach pairs the players up...each player needs a ball.

  • Player "A" is the tractor and player "B" is the trailer.
  • The  has to follow the tractor wherever the tractor goes for a minute.
  • If the tractor is more than five yards behind the trailer at the end of a minute they have do a funky exercises like a star jump.

I will have the players make the tractor noise which livens the game up even more.

Crabs and fishes in a circle

Play this fun game...

  • The fishes - red - have to dribble around and the crabs - yellow - are crawling around on the backsides.
  • The Crabs try to grab the ball - using their hands.
  • If a player is successful they become a crab.

Put a time limit or a point system on this game i.e. 1 minute or start out with 4 lives and lose a life when the player loses the soccer ball.The kids will get the basic dribbling and fun!

3v3 or 4v4 games for scrimmages

Coaches set the players up in 3v3 or 4v4 games at the end and encourage the players to use what they have learned.


If we have worked on tractor - trailer I ask the kids to keep the ball tight when they dribble and try and keep their heads up so they can see where they are going.

Enjoy your coaching!

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