"Coaching U10 soccer players"

The U10 age group

Elements of soccer that should be introduced to U10 soccer players.

  • U10 play is built on all the aspects of U8 soccer.
  • Direct kicks and Penalty kicks.
  • Offenses that result in indirect and direct kicks.
  • Sportsmanship.

The kids must continue to grow and develop in all areas so they become complete soccer players. This means the coach must help the players get as many touches on the soccer ball as possible to develop their skills.

Soccer skills

Some of the basic soccer skills that players should learn...

1 on 1 soccer moves.

Teach the players how to beat a player on the dribble using their moves.

Passing and receiving

Teach the players how to pass the soccer and trap the soccer ball.

Soccer turns

Teach the players how to use to create space and time.

Ball control skills

Teach the players how to control the soccer ball.

Goalkeeper skills Add goalkeeper skills to your practices.

Good shooting technique: Teach players how to strike the soccer ball. These soccer skills will build over time. As the players get the basics down the coach can add more skills to the players skill sets. This will also help the kids perform better tactically at the older age groups. This is often over looked when coaches are dealing with youth players.

Soccer tactics

The coach continues to build upon individual and small group understanding...

Teaching the players positional responsibility - this means giving the players an idea of how positions or shape works in the framework of the team, also allowing players the freedom to play.

Example, if a player dribbles the soccer ball from out of defense into the attack, leaving his or her position, but creating a chance to score. This would be considered letting the player play and rewarding the effort.

When a player is playing defender it does not mean they cannot move forward and attack when their team wins the soccer ball.

Throw-ins, corners and free kicks

Brush up your restarts with good restarts.

Possession soccer

Fundamental skills using vision and turning will help the young players learn how to keep the soccer ball.

Here is a fun, basic soccer practice that the players will enjoy.

Fun game for kids to work on dribbling and shielding...can be used for U6 - U10.

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