"How to run a U10 soccer practice"

Coaching kids at U10 soccer practice should be geared to more group play and individual skills because the U10 player is now more aware there are other players in the mix, they are finding passes, beating players, and playing in a shape.

If the players have had some coaching or have been around the game it is easier to throw concepts at them, but if they are new the coach will have to scale it down to the level of the group.

Warm up with concentration games

The practice starts when...

  • The coach splits the team into two teams, serves a ball out 20-30 yards. The team must run to the ball and form a circle round the ball and grab arms, dribbling the ball back to the coach.
  • The trick is the ball is not allowed to pop out of the circle otherwise the team loses - first team back wins.
  • The group must go and get the ball and bring it back without the ball hitting the ground.
  • The players must go out and get the ball, but this time they have to bring the ball back by passing the soccer ball among each other - every player must get a touch.

Great for getting kids to work at the U10 soccer practice.

Work on 1 on 1 soccer moves

I like to work on a few moves like a cut, step over or a v-move making sure the players have the moves down. The coach throws down cones all over the field - spread them out so they are not on top of each other.

  • The players dribble to a cone and do a v-move - players have to go to each cone.
  • The players dribble to a cone and do a step over.
  • The players dribble to a cone and do a cut.
  • The players dribble to a cone and they have a choice of any three of the moves - cannot do the same move twice in a row.
  • The coach can have a race and see which player can do a move on every cone and get back the coach the quickest.

The kids will learn to master their dribbling skills...

Play 1 on 1 against an opponent

Play 1 on 1 soccer...

  • The players break into pairs and play 1on 1 soccer to a cone.
  • I have them put a ball on top of the cone and the players have to knock the ball off the cone. The player that has the ball attacks and if they lose the ball they defend.
  • If you want to make the player work hard put a restriction in there that they have to run out and defend the ball - cannot stand on the cone and wait.

Great game for soccer specific fitness at U10 soccer practice...

Play 1 on 1 in small sided games

To get the kids into this fun game...

  • Make a rectangle with cones 20x30 with cone goals on each end. Two cones are placed on each side line where the teams are stationed
  • The players are split into two teams and assigned to a side line cone.
  • Coach calls a number like one, two or three.
  • The players respond by running round the cone on the end and into the field.
  • The coach plays a ball and which ever team wins the soccer ball attack and the other team defends.

Now the have the basics of a U10 soccer practice...

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