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U6- U12 soccer players."

"Eliminate the
guess work and endless search
soccer drills. Learn how to run efficient
soccer practices that include good skills
training tips, relate to kids and their
age group, use small sided games and
tactics and tune up your game
day coaching & communication
with parents."


I am Chris Brown owner of Coaching Kids Soccer.

If you are like most coaches I know, you look for soccer practice ideas and drills that help you relate to your players so they can learn and enjoy soccer.

The Coaching Kids Soccer plan will give you a straight path to finding out quickly how to effectively coach a youth soccer team, and...

You don't have to be an ex pro to coach youth soccer at the U6 - U12 age groups.

You will get all the information a coach needs to plan out a season to help you avoid the steep learning curve that most coaches go through, when you learn to understand kids and how to...

  1. Teach skills and see your players transfer their skills to the game on Saturday.
  2. Organize game day so the kids get lots of play time and have fun.
  3. Organize the season and communication with parents.

I have some good solutions to all these common challenges for you.

So lets get started...

Using The Coaching Kids Soccer guide!

Coaches no matter what your experience as a soccer coach you can use Coaching Kids Soccer as a guide to help coach young players to have fun, develop skills and apply them to the game.

Take the worry out of planning soccer practice, looking for drills, trying to teach skills, motivating players and chatting with parents.

So let me ask you this coach...

What age group are you coaching?

Are you coaching a recreational, Academy or select team?
Coaching Kids Soccer has tips on skills, exercises and fun games for you.


Learn to teach in a fun and challenging way by injecting the fun and challenges into your soccer practices and you will see the smiles on your kids faces as they learn the game and soak up the skills.

Coaching requires good demonstrations in practice. If you are new to soccer use your players to demonstrate effectively or bring in a good soccer player to demo.

Kids will rise to the challenge of getting their skill demos right, especially in front of their peers.

Use exercises that promote fun and learning like...

Small Sided Games...

Encourage players to learn skills and use the skills against an opponent?

By using good skill demonstrations and teaching using small sided games and tactics in your soccer practice the kids will begin to exhibit good habits and decisions in their games. Is it an overnight process? No, but when the kids skill improvements and decision making shows up in practice, it's a great sign...

Why coaches should use small sided games?

When coaches teach in the small sided game formats (1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4) the players get lots of touches on the soccer ball, decision making chances and goal scoring chances - we like these.

The coach can use small challenges inside the small sided games. The games can be broken down into small achievable challenges like completing 2 passes in a row or beating a player 1v1. The players build confidence and learn, plus it's fun!!

These challenges will motivate and inspire players and help them to play hard for their teammates, coach and parents...

On Game Day!

Improve your coaching on game day. Use dynamic warm ups not only to warm up but build skills. Use non complicated ways to teach your players and keep the game simple as well as subbing and coaching.

How do you handle the post game chats? I like to see the kids walk away from the game with smiles on their faces.

Use all these topics to help your players build a team they can be proud of and this will go a long way to having...

A great season...

Coaches, soccer training is not just practice and games. It's about setting up a season, planning from A-Z, preseason, parent meetings, league meetings, practice, games and tournaments.

Learn how to set up a schedule so your season runs smoothly and watch the smiles on your kids faces and happy...

Soccer Parents!

How do we as coaches effectively communicate with parents?

Parents love 3 things...

  1. An organized schedule
  2. Coaches meetings and updates - how to behave on the sideline!!
  3. Communication and feedback regarding their player.

We will teach you how to Improve communication and build trust with you players and parents.

This will go along way to helping you as a coach, so...

Where do you start?

Coaches, I always start with the basics like...

  • Setting up soccer practice plans so the players have fun and enjoy playing for you, their coach.
  • Skills, "no technique - no tactics" is the old saying - meaning if your players can't control the soccer ball they cannot make decisions.
  • Small sided games - controlling the soccer ball followed by a dribble or a pass.
  • Learning how add in challenges so the players are developing and growing in their game.

Move onto working on...

  • Organizing game day so warm ups, lineups - positions, subbing, team chats and playing time help your team run smoothly.
  • Organizing a season so parents have a schedule and understand what to expect from you their coach philosophy wise, behavior on the sideline and how their young player is developing.

Coach I have designed the site so you can move around and get what you want or follow the soccer practice plan, with 25 years in the business of coaching youth soccer these are just a few of the topics we cover at Coaching Kids Soccer.

You can view our blog below for more topics or search through our navigation bar for specifics at the top.


If you are very busy and don't have time to study the site receive our monthly updates and soccer coaching tips. Join our newsletter - Coaching Post!

With the coaching post you will receive...

  • The news letter monthly
  • Game day tips
  • Skills training tips and techniques
  • Soccer equipment tips
  • Free shooting drill for signing up

Nothing like seeing kids hit the back of the net with an absolute screamer of a shot.

Thanks for visiting Coaching Kids Soccer! Come back as we will continue to update the site - you can also find us on Face Book and Twitter for coaching tips and updates. A quick word from me Chris Brown below!

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