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The goal at Coaching Kids Soccer is to help the novice coach, academy coach or the coach that just wants to add to his or her knowledge base. All these little soccer topics can be mastered when the kids master their soccer techniques.

Soccer skills and small sided games go hand in hand, as the kids improve technique and learn how to use the skill in the small sided games will show improvement in their soccer skills.

Here are some common issues that all coaches face.

  • I am an experienced coach and used to working with older players, but I have never coached young players - help?
  • Never played the game? Learn how to make an effective demonstration or find someone who can help you demonstrate. Painting a picture is key to improving technique...
  • How to set up a season depending on the age group you are coaching?
  • How to educate parents on the game of soccer?
  • Coaching practical soccer skills that translate into the success in game situations?
  • How do we make skills sessions fun so the players learn in a fun and challenging way?
  • How do we teach players in small sided games, so they get the ball more?
  • How does a coach, sub, and motivate more effectively on game day?

Some additional questions I get from coaches as they tackle practice or the season?

  • My team can't pass the soccer ball very well or at all! How do I teach young players good passing technique?
  • Why does the soccer ball just bounce away when the kids try to control the ball?
  • How do we get younger players to strike the soccer ball with good technique in order to take goal kicks, corners or just score goals?
  • What is the importance of teaching in small sided game formats when coaching young players during soccer practice.
  • Lastly, why should a coach or teach juggling to kids?

I have developed my own philosophy to deal with these topics over 20 years of training soccer teams. I have learned how to handle all these situations through trial and error. I hope this website helps you as a coach avoid some of the pitfalls.

Hope you enjoy your coaching!!

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Private soccer lessons + fine tune skills + Chris Brown + Round Rock, Texas
Chris Brown and Private soccer training in Round Rock and Cedar Park, Texas
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Attacking soccer...

Teach young players how
to play attacking soccer.

Controlling the soccer ball

Teach your players how to develop a great first touch.

Turning the ball

Teach your players how to turn using different parts of the foot.

Coaches, do you want to make soccer fun and motivate your players? Soccer patches are a great motivational tool that can be used for goals, assists, good defending or skills competitions. The kids love patches!!